Brunch in Peace in Boston

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Brunch: it’s that meal you get when you don’t quite want breakfast but you don’t quite want lunch either. Or maybe you’ve already had breakfast and fully plan on having lunch, but you’re just looking to slide something in between because you completely lack self-control. It’s your world. Either way, when it comes to Boston’s best hybrid morning-afternoon eating, you won’t do better than these quiet spots.

Blunch (South End)


Restaurant Description

75 Chestnut (Beacon Hill)

It still seems like your own little secret, this subtly signed, discreetly placed little spot located just steps from the bustle of Charles Street. Its unexpected presence on semi-residential Chestnut, with an austere black awning framed by a pair of paned bowfront windows, feels like something that slipped in and took root at the dawn of time, before draconian zoning laws could have excluded it. This is not a place that one just spots and happens to saunter in; you must stride purposefully off Charles Street, past the intriguing antique shops, and be looking for the entrance.

Stephi’s on Tremont (South End)

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